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News June 2022

The book "Matti Caspi - The Magic and the Enigma" - extended version (in Hebrew) by composer Tsippi Fleischer, has been released in an online edition!

It is available on the composer's website

News – December 2021

Tsippi Fleischer’s song cycle Girl Butterfly Girl will be performed in a festive concert at the 24th Israeli Music Festival, in its 2012 version for soprano and symphony orchestra, sung in Arabic. The lyrics by contemporary Lebanese and Syrian poets will be sung in their original language by soloist Reut Rivka. The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by Maestro Ariel Zuckerman. The concert will take place at the Jerusalem Theater, Henry Crown Hall, on Monday, December 20, 2021, at 20:30. Free admission by pre-registration. The concert will also be broadcast on Israeli radio on Tuesday, December 21, at 7 PM.

On October 15, 2021 a film fully dedicated to worldwide versions of the cycle was screened in the Tel Aviv Cinematheque (in Hebrew). The film is available for viewing on both YouTube and Facebook.

A separate video featuring the post-screening discussion (in Hebrew.) can also be viewed on both YouTube and Facebook.

Tsippi Fleischer, end of July 2021

We are happy to announce the inclusion of the part of composer Tsippi Fleischer, widow of Prof. Aharon Dolgopolsky, in the Video tab of her website. This is part of the full zoom event that took place in Haifa University June 7, 2021 (which is located now on Aharon Dolgopolsky's website. The information about the event is attached.

News – July 2021

Professional and Personal – Completions

We are happy to announce uploading the full June 7, 2021 zoom meeting to the site of Aharon Dolgopolsky; the meeting was held in Haifa University at the Department of Hebrew Language and was dedicated to launching a collection of Aharon Dolgopolsky's articles in Popular Mood (in English, Russian and Hebrew), under the guidance of Prof. Judith Henske. The lecture of Dr. Tsippi Fleischer, his widow, in this meeting is also attached separately. As promised, here is the extensive article in the American journal IAWM (International Alliance of Women in Music) to celebrate the composer's 75th birthday, which was published on May 30, 2021. An early piece of Fleischer, "A Girl Named Limonad" has recently been broadcasted twice in the “Kan Kol Hamusica” radio station: On May 20, 2021 (the composer's birth date) in the program "Breakfast" between 08:00 and 10:00; and in June 6, 2021 in the program "Great Pieces" between 10:00 and 12:00. Tsippi Fleischer's Website Team

Aharon Dolgopolsky Seminar - Invitation

To my dear friends,

Here attached the invitation to a zoom meeting organized by the University of Haifa to the launch event of the articles (written in a popular way in the Soviet Union) of my late husband Aharon Dolgopolsky. The event will be held in Hebrew.

Tsippi Fleischer – December 2020

More than two decades after their completion and their premiere productions, Tsippi Fleischer’s operas Cain and Abel (2001) and Medea (1995) are now being published by the Israel Music Institute (IMI). Medea is published both in English (following the world premiere production in Kfar Blum, 1997) (World Activity Galilee) and in German (following the European premiere at Oper Köln, 2004) (words of the artistic director of the Köln Opera House, Christoph Schwandt) (World Activity Köln); whereas Cain and Abel is published both in Hebrew (following the world premiere at the Israeli Music Celebration in Jerusalem and at the ‘Tempus Fugit’ Biennale for Contemporary Music in Tel Aviv, 2002) (World Activity Tel Aviv) and in English (following the European premiere at MusikWerkstattWien, Vienna, 2005) (World Activity Vienna). It should be mentioned that the directors’ conceptions in the European premieres were radically different from those of their colleagues in the premiere productions in Israel.

Medea remains, at this stage, a lavish facsimile, in light of the challenges raised by incorporating the German version alongside the original English. The solo singer (who portrays both Medea and Jason) and the players in this work all perform from the same score, with no separate parts. Cain and Abel, on the other hand, is published in both full score and vocal score, as well as separate parts in both languages, in a remarkable graphic copy prepared by Itamar Argov. The libretti for the two versions are attached in separate booklets.

After many years of carrying this burden on her shoulders, the composer finally found the time to properly proofread the operas’ manuscripts: “That’s how it is … the Gesamtkunstwerk genre left its myriad traces on those old documents, vivid testimonies of the rehearsal process, which had to be removed for the sake of the authoritative IMI publication”, says Fleischer.

Here we should also mention Dr Uri Golomb’s article “Eros, jealousy and love: A new interpretation in an ancient guise for the myth of the first homicide in Tsippi Fleischer’s opera Cain and Abel”, which has just been published in volume 4 of Pe’imot: Journal of Music and Culture, edited by Dr Shoshana Zeevi (Tel Aviv: Resling & Buchmann-Mehta School of Music at Tel Aviv University, 2020, pp. 103-127). This article forms part of a volume dedicated entirely to Israeli opera and musicals.

As Hanukah – the Jewish Feast of Lights, which awakes sparks of hope in our hearts – draws to a close, and with the advent of Christmas and New Year’s Day, we wish all our readers a happy 2021, rich in activity and satisfaction – a year in which we hope to recover from the ravages of the corona virus, revive the worlds of art and culture, and fulfill all our hopes.

Tsippi Fleischer Website Team

Linguistics: The Concert!

In an unprecedented event, Tsippi Fleischer brings together the worlds of music and linguistics. In a program she has initiated, we will hear the world premieres of works by Erel Paz and Stella Lerner. Both composers were captivated by the world of Aharon Dolgopolsky, a giant of Comparative Historical Linguistics, who provided the linguistic evidence of the origin of human civilization. We will also have the opportunity to "Meet the Composer". The works will be performed by Atar Piano Trio with the singer Anna Spitz. The program will be presented twice:
Jerusalem Music Centre (Mishkenot Shaananim), June 12, 2019, 20:00
HaTeiva, 19 Jerusalem Blvd., Tel Aviv-Yafo, June 19, 2019, 20:30
Attached please find a flyer.
Best regards,
Tsippi Fleischer Website Team

Educational Dimension (November 2018)

We are happy to announce that two important projects have recently become available online. They both relate to Tsippi Fleischer's educational activity.

First, the book "Harmonization of Songs", two volumes (in Hebrew). Since its publication in 2005, this textbook has filled a deeply-felt gap, since it provides a systematic treatment of popular music materials. The demand for this book has constantly increased after its printed edition had sold out, several years ago. Link: Volume A, Volume B.

Second, a multimedia educational project (in Hebrew) inspired by the composer’s Children's Opera "Oasis" (2010). This project is intended for diverse age groups – from preschool to the end of high school (music course of study) – as well as for music professionals. It contains four online kits. Link: Oasis Educational Kit

Enjoy your study! Everything is available for free downloading and watching.

Best regards,
The Tsippi Fleischer Website Team.

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