Tsippi Fleischer - Retrospective Collection

PART E - Light Music, 1970-1974

This section reflects Tsippi Fleischer’s early career in the field of light music. It is divided into three sub-sections

  1. Arrangements
  2. Compositions and arrangements
  3. Alei Kinor, Op. 1: A full-length musical

Each sub-section represents several light-music projects.

The recording venues and equipment were not always acoustically satisfying. The vocal abilities of some of the singers (e.g., elementary-school children or local residents) are also questionable. LP surface scratches can sometimes be heard. The collection as a whole, however, is rare, authentic and highly moving.

The title for each file represents the specific song being heard.

  • Arrangements
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  • 1-2 Kibbutz Yotvata – 15th anniversary, 1972

    Two arrangements which Fleischer prepared for the festivities, performed by Yotvata’s founders-residents. This was her first encounter with the director Hanan Snir, then a kibbutz member – a meeting which led to several joint projects, culminating in the musical Alei Kinor. Here, we have reproduced only two of Fleischer’s arrangements; the quality of the performances forced us to omit the rest.

  • 3-7 Little Lola – Gila Almagor

    A selection of items from “Little Lola’s Song Club” – a one-woman show by famous Israeli actress-singer Gila Almagor, in which she presented some of the finest show tunes in the repertoire. The show, which receives hundreds of performances in 1972-1974, featured Tsippi Fleischer as both arranger and pianist, alongside other prominent musicians.

  • Play8 If you wish for a golden apple 04:00 min.

    This song was featured on an LP, issued in 1974, which documented a program reviving songs by Alexander (Sasha) Argov. This is one of two arrangements which the composer himself commissioned from Tsippi Fleischer. Singers: Tsila Dagan, Danny Messing, Oded Hur, Naomi Kafri

  • Compositions and arrangements
  • 9-19 Daughters of Eve
    The trio's LP
    click to enlarge

    This female vocal trio, directed by Tsippi Fleischer (music, vocal and instrumental arrangements, conducting, production) was active in 1970-1973, and made history in the field of Hebrew popular song, thanks to its articulate light-music style. Their performances retain their freshness, and are still being played on air. This selection arises from live and commercial recordings alike, including the trio’s LP, released in 1973. The singers are: Noga Eshed (later a prominent advocate of Hebrew song), Idit Harpz, and Tamar Eshel

  • Alei Kinor, Op. 1: A full-length musical
  • Alei Kinor, after Shalom Aleichem – a full-length musical (1974)
    Play: Ada Ben-Nachum and Hanan Snir;
    Lyrics: Ada Ben-Nachum;
    Music (including arrangements): Tsippi Fleischer

  • 20-21 Alei Kinor at the Israel National Library in Jerusalem

    Alei Kinor received special attention during the launch of the composer’s collection at the Israel National Library in Jerusalem (November 6, 2008).

  • 22-37 The complete musical numbers from the musical Alei Kinor Singers/actors with instrumental ensemble, Beer Sheba 2004

    This lavish production, by the Beer Sheba Theatre, was the initiative of director Rafi Niv, who retained his enthusiasm for the 1975 premiere, which he watched as a child. Nadav Rubinstein, the musical arranger for the 2004 production, received permission to expand the original orchestration. Selected scenes from the 2004 production can be viewed on the video page in the composer’s website; see also the page dedicated to this production on the website’s World Activity section.

    Files 22-37 below represent the complete contents of the CD which was produced on the basis of on-stage singing with playback accompaniment. The detailed layout for each song provides complete singer/actor credits and gives pointers for each musical number’s role within the musical. The original CD was part of lavish project booklet, which formed part of an educational kit on Shalom Aleichem and the shtetl, produced by the Theatre’s educational department and distributed to schools in Beer Sheba and the southern region of Israel.

    Note: many materials related to various productions of Alei Kinor (including the aforementioned booklet) can be found in the composer’s collection at the Music Division of the Israel National Library in Jerusalem: MUS121A – scores and parts (pre-opuses); MUS121E – materials related to specific productions.

    Instrumentalists in files 22-37:

    • Nadav Rubinstein – piano, keyboards, clarinet
    • Zur Ben Ze’ev – double-bass, electric guitar
    • Shai Alon – acoustic and electric guitar
    • Nitzan Ein Habar – saxophones, flute, clarinet
    • Nitzan Chen Raz’el – violin
    • Israel Nahum – drums
  • 38-41 Alei Kinor – selected songs with children’s choir and piano Beer Sheba 2007

    The musician Yulia Balla, who is in charge of music teaching at the Eshkol Elementary School in Beer Sheba and conducts the school choir, came across the educational kit produced by the Beer Sheba Theatre in connection with their 2004 production of Alei Kinor, and was enchanted by it. She decided to present several songs with piano accompaniment (in accordance with Tsippi Fleischer’s original score) at the 2006 Choirs’ Convention in Afikim.
    This short performance met with great success. The children’s choir, Sounds of Eshkol, arrived with Yulia to the music teachers’ annual further-educational convention (Tel Aviv 2010), at the invitation of the Music Education division at the Ministry of Education, and also appeared twice at the Ada Ban Nahum Grants award at the Beit Tzvi School for the Performing Arts in Ramat Gan (2007, 2009).
    In the professional recording associated with this performance, Tsippi Fleischer herself plays the piano part in the final song (file 41 below)! This marks the first time that songs from Alei Kinor were performed by children. This captivating performance, made outside Beer Sheba in 2007, marked a new stage in the life of this musical, in school projects throughout Israel; see also the extracts from the Petach Tikva performance (files 42-47 below), and finally in Beer Sheba again with Yulia Balla (file 48).

  • 42-47 Alei Kinor - The complete musical performed by children's choir and ensemble. Educational version, Petach Tikva 2011

    Anna Barenboum, director of music studies and choir conductor at the Hoess Elementary School in Petach Tikva, heard the Eshkol Choir perform several songs from Alei Kinor at the annual further-education meeting in 2001; she immediately decided to mount a full- scale production of the entire musical at her school, which had already produced several operas. She also roused the enthusiasm of other teachers in her school – in literature, stage direction, movement and stage design.
    Here are a few segments from this performance, recorded professionally at the Jaffa Music Centre shortly after the stage production at the school’s yard in Petach Tikva. In addition to children from the school’s choir, who perform the vocal parts, the cast also includes players from the school’s violin and xylophone classes, joined by a few teachers and one professional drummer – Yossi Papo-Levy – who was invited specially to take part in this performance. Several segments from the stage production can be seen in this video.
    The staging concept evokes the presence of the child Zemale alongside the adult Zemale, recounting his memories.

  • 48 Alei Kinor – the complete musical performed by the Eshkol School Choir in Beer Sheba, conducted by Yulia Balla

    In 2015, Yulia Balla initiated a new, lavish production of Alei Kinor. She enlisted forces from outside the school to help with the costume design, and got the entire school, in a marvelous feat of teamwork, to create this full-fledged, grandiose production. Here we present one song as an illustration, but we recommend viewing the full production, as well as samples from the accompanying materials, which can be seen on our World Activity section.