Tsippi Fleischer

Music For Small Ensembles

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“... Whereas a modern tradition has come into being in contemporary Arabic poetry, an equivalent musical tradition has not crystallized as yet. An Israeli - not an Arab - woman composer is performing the task”

Oded Assaf, ITON 77 Literary Monthly, October 1984

Music of Tsippi Fleischer to an anthology of Syrian and Lebanese poetry. Fleischer’s definition: Lieder with Arabic texts

Tsippi Fleischer has put out a record. A non-specific title: Music for Small Ensembles. It conceals a pioneering concept. An attempt to create an artistic synthesis and inter-cultural communication. Perhaps also a political statement…
It is very pleasant to hold the product in one's hand. Especially in the days of burgeoning Kahanism… The album in itself is a cultural product. You will find biographical details of the poets, plus translations of the poems in Hebrew, English, Russian, Spanish, German and French.

Emanuel Bar-Kadma, YEDIOT AHRONOT, Summer 1986

The issue of a long-playing record of Israeli music, which is also a research project, or, if you wish, an educational activity aiming at peaceful coexistence in our country, is not a common occurrence.
Tsippi Fleischer belongs to the 'sabra' generation of Israeli composers. Her music, it appears, was nurtured not only by the musical education she received, but also by education of a social and democratic nature. Combinations of languages and of musical and cultural traditions find expression in the works in this new record.
...On perusing the booklet attached to the record - a research project in its own right - the listener comprehends the immensity of the task the composer took upon herself.
...This is not "a record for all seasons" but rather one for those interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of the works concerned so as to undergo a true musical experience.
...The record, put out by 'Hataklit' Haifa and distributed by Eastronics, is of high quality, printed cleanly and without background noise.

Shmuel Perets, GITIT (Published by The Israel Jeunesses Musicales), Issue No. 11, Booklet No. 81, November 1986


CD Track List - "TSIPPI FLEISCHER: Music for Small Ensembles"

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Girl-Butterfly-Girl (Girl-Butterfly-Girl- Song No. 4, sung in English) Play 

Girl-Butterfly-Girl (soprano, oriental violin and oud; sung in Arabic)

Girl-Butterfly-Girl (soprano, flute and piano; sung in Hebrew)

To the Fruit of My Land – Suite for guitar solo

10 Fragments for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon

Resuscitation – 5 Miniatures for Cello Solo