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Vocal Music

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Dear Ms. Fleischer:

It is with pleasure that I look forward to producing a compact disc containing your vocal music. The music you have sent me is refreshingly different than most vocal music by younger composers I know. It is perhaps not only a reflection of your personal musical statement and talent but also of your Middle Eastern background.
And because of my belief in the quality of your music and your style, I believe prospective listeners and reviewers will also hold it in high regard.
I await the completion of your recordings and receipt of the tapes.

Max Schubel
President, OPUS ONE Recordings Inc. New York

Accepting Tsippi Fleischer's sole CD for production, in a letter dated December 19,1990

If these vocal works are typical of Fleischer's music, I can see why it's so popular. Her talent is apparent from the first chiming notes of the Lamentation – it sounds in spots like Jewish Messiaen – to the opulent modernist Madrigals that conclude the program. The three brief works for children's choruses (The Gown of Night, In the Mountains of Armenia, The Clock Wants to Sleep) are especially charming and effective, but everything here works. Fleischer has a knack for taking strong texts and setting them to music. Expressive and communicative – her music never upstages the words.
The Israeli performances are full-blooded, and the Rinat's singing of the very difficult Scenes of Israel is startlingly virtuosic. Obviously there's more to Israeli music than the Philharmonic.

Raymond, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, July/August 1993

…Not only is this a one-woman show; the pieces which were chosen from her extensive oeuvre are solely from the vocal shelf… Fleischer has her own agenda…
The Clock Wants to Sleep is sung in Hebrew. The performance by the Neve Shir Children's Choir is wonderful. This excellent piece should be a favourite with singing groups all over the world…
In the concluding work on this CD, Scenes of Israel – Six Madrigals, Fleischer has taken particular pains to be true, not only to the word rythms, but also to the artistic expression and underlying raison d'etre of each poem. No setting is more touching than Fleischer's work on Two Eagles and a Single Fig Tree. Here, the composer presents Esther Raab's exquisite words on a cushion of rich, gentle harmonies, which caress the poet's bright images in a chordal glow.
The excellent National Choir Rinat, superbly led by Stanley Sperber, is given a chance to show the range of it's abilities: bullseye intonation, pinpoint diction, strong occasional solo voices, flexibility in rhythmic declamation and ease with such devices as sprechstimme, hissing, chanting. Sperber and his group give an exciting, convincing performance of the rousing 20-voiced finale (Madrigal 6).
The packaging and booklet for this CD deserve special praise…
It is clear that Tsippi Fleischer brings a wide range of study and experience to her vocal composing… each work functions in its own idiosyncratic sphere, served by composerly considerations. Bearing this in mind, the CD has everything to recommend it: first-rate performances, excellent recorded sound, estimable printed materials, all in support of repertoire that presents the listener with assured composing by a seasoned professional.

Elizabeth Lauer, IAWM (International Alliance of Women in Music) Journal, June 1994


CD Track List - "Tsippi Fleischer: Vocal Music"

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Girl-Butterfly-Girl (soprano, Renaissance recorders and harpsichord; sung in Hebrew)

Scenes of Israel – Six Madrigals

  • No Hand Has Touched You: To the Mountains of Edom Play
  • Don’t Belittle the Tears of Today: To Tel Aviv Play
  • Like a Soft Light: To Jerusalem Play
  • From the Salt of Your Waters Is the Salt of My Blood and My Tears: To the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea Play
  • Two Eagles and A Single Fig Tree: To the Lower Galilee Play
  • There God’s Garden Flourishes: To the Sea of Galilee Play