Tsippi Fleischer

Around the World with Tsippi Fleischer

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String-Bow and Arrow etches a clearly defined, lively composition through strong dance rhythms driven by Arabic drums.
The song The Coffin with its Lid Remote from Fleischer's cycle Girl-Butterfly-Girl, her signature piece, is especially moving and is beautifully sung by Patricia Adkins Chiti.
Fleischer highlights the direct power of the soul-searching text for Mein Volk by using a guitar accompaniment. This is perhaps the most arresting work on the disc.

June Ottenberg, IAWM (International Alliance of Women in Music) Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2, Summer 1998

"To the Fruit of My Land", a guitar solo in four movements, here in the excellent playing of Jose Luis Rodrigo, exact and poetic, virtuosic, brilliant.
The disc comes to an end with the charming Strings - Bow and Arrow, oriental in color, a graceful toccata with an Indian flavor, with Chen Zimbalista on Arab drums.
Preceding it is Salt Crystals for symphony orchestra, marking a new avenue for Fleischer, who announced that she is now addressing herself to symphonic writing. The opening is interesting - the strings are subdued after the course of the percussion instruments (bongos), the texture becomes more dense, the wind instruments (flutes) tending to enter vigorously, the orchestra swells up, calms down, swells up again, another entrance of the winds, stronger dynamics, a climax that almost attains the limits of possibility; the orchestra bursts out in an angry unison, a short silence ensues and a return to the general interplay between percussion and orchestra, which actually serves as the basis for the whole piece. If one judges according to this example, Fleischer's entry into the symphonic world is a vital, positive turning point in her writing.

Asher Azrialov, MUSIKA, Issue No. 4, Winter 1998


CD Track List - "Around the World with Tsippi Fleischer"

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In Chromatic Mood Play

Masks and Pipes Play

The Clock Wants to Sleep Play

Resuscitation – 5 Miniatures for Cello Solo

7 of 10 Fragments for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon

From Girl-Butterfly-Girl (soprano, flute and cello; sung in Arabic)

Ballad of Expected Death in Cairo Play

To the Fruit of My Land – Suite for guitar solo

War Play

Mein Volk Play

From Girl-Butterfly-Girl (mezzo-soprano, flute and cello; sung in Arabic)

Symphony No. 1: Salt Crystals Play

Strings – Bows and Arrow Play