Tsippi Fleischer

Israel at 50: A Celebration with Music of Tsippi Fleischer

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Tsippi Fleischer's charming Miniatures (Resuscitation for cello solo) reflect the cultural pluralism of the land of Israel. She combines her knowledge of the indigenous culture of her homeland with a firm foundation of Western culture.
I was introduced to Tsippi Fleischer and her unique blending of East and West musics at the 1993 Festival of Women Composers in Alaska, where I was one of the performers in an international chamber group assembled for her setting of an Arabian text, Ballade of Expected Death in Cairo. Conducted by the late Netherlander, Tera de Marez Oyens, the performers from Russian, China and the United States were privileged to be coached by Fleischer herself.
Fleischer's style - personal yet international, ancient yet contemporary, traditional yet avant-garde - flows freely and naturally in the several works recorded on this CD. As I enjoy listening again and again to these excellent performances (Hexaptychon), I am mesmerized by the underlying Arabian scales, the innovative timbres on Western instruments, the quarter-tone improvisations on the Baroque oboe and the richly varied organ registrations on the harp. If I were to choose only one miniature that insistently remains in my inner ear, it would be the exquisite song from the cycle of the same name, Girl-Butterfly-Girl, sung beautifully with a warm, clear, youthful tone by the inimitable Patricia Adkins Chiti.

Deon Nielsen Price, IAWM, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2000

Performances of this skillful composer's music have been geographically diverse as the sources of her creative ideas. This disc effectively balances older and newer works.
[The cycle] Girl-Butterfly-Girl, sung in Arabic, punctuate the surrealist tension within evocative verses as the voice embellishes the fantasy quality of this striking composition.
…the brief As a Diamond demonstrates an effective power through its continuous vocal line over turbulent orchestral ostinati.
The sound is well balanced, and all the performances are exceptional.

June Ottenberg, IAWM, Vol. 6, No. 3, 2000


CD Track List - "Israel at 50: A Celebration with Music of Tsippi Fleischer"

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Resuscitation – 5 Miniatures for Cello Solo

Girl-Butterfly-Girl (mezzo-soprano, flute and cello; sung in Arabic)

10 Fragments for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon

Hexaptychon – Six short chamber pieces after Jabra Ibrahim Jabra’s poem “I’m Sick of You”

As a Diamond Play

Spielmobil – Twelve Miniatures for Organ and Harp