Tsippi Fleischer

Ethnic Silhouettes

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Ethnic Silhouettes”, Tsippi Fleischer’s new disc
Recorded in eight studios, it was edited in three countries. The works included are sung in Bedouin and Yemenite Arabic, in Eskimo, Croatian and Georgian, as well as in ancient Semitic languages: Ugaritic, Biblical Hebrew, Old Babylonian and Coptic. The explanatory booklet – really a book – runs to 172 pages in English and Hebrew, and includes phonetic transcriptions of the texts in all the languages and an abundance of meticulous, technically impressive explanations and illustrations. And the music it contains: a cappella choirs and soloists, magnetic tapes, electronic music and all types of instruments. This is the disc “Ethnic Silhouettes” of the Israeli composer Tsippi Fleischer: a disc concept.

Noam Ben Zeev, Ha’aretz, May 3, 2001

Your Ethnic Silhouettes CD is fantastic! A brilliant conception, brilliantly executed. Let's hope it attracts much favourable attention; it is truly quite unique.

Nancy van de Vate, Vienna, 28.8.2001


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Galbi Malan Yumma (My heart is full, mother; Yemenite folksong) Play

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