Tsippi Fleischer

Cain And Abel: Grand-chamber opera in five scenes

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Haifa-born Tsippi Fleischer has been composing for more than 30 years and has gained an international following for her compositions.
The biblical story is presented in a way that emphasis universally held emotions…


The vocal writing in Cain and Abel, like that in a Mozart opera, mirrors the drama…
The soul of Abel's lamb sings a beautiful aria…
The fourth scene, in which Cain murders Abel, employs the most rhythmic variety and is the musical and dramatic climax of the work. It provides a vibrant contrast to the preceding and following scenes.
There is much poignancy in the last scene, and it offers the greatest variety of vocal techniques and sounds.

Susan Slesinger, IAWM Vol. 10, No. 2, 2004


CD Track List - "Cain And Abel: Grand-chamber opera in five scenes"
Libretto: Yossefa Even-Shoshan (in Hebrew)

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