Tsippi Fleischer

Symphonies No. 1-5

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I can see how your style has developed from the 1st symphony to the 5th. Symphony V is extremely dramatic and I love its colors and timbres; here you are at your utmost stylistic achievements. Also, it is so original to have in the process of recording first the orchestra and then the voices. As usual the vocal parts come first and dictate to the whole instrumental ensemble how to play.

, Olomouc, 21.5.04 (Ton Meister for Symphony V world-premiere recording and for the whole CD)
on completing the first stage of recording of Symphony V.

I feel that the continuity of the five symphonies flowing into each other create a certain organic drama. I may perceive your five symphonies as one big symphony consisting of 5 sections, reaching its highest peak in the fifth section.

Nancy van de Vate (president of Vienna Modern Masters’ label),
in a letter to the composer, Vienna, December 2004

Robert Stern (composer and musicologiste)
in a letter to the composer, USA (MA), August 31, 2010


CD Track List - "Tsippi Fleischer - Symphonies No. 1-5"

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