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Alei Kinor

Alei Kinor - Habima
Excerpts from the 1989 production (courtesy of Habima Theater)
(4:39 min.)
Alei Kinor -
Beer Sheba 2004
Alei Kinor - Beer Sheba 2004
Excerpts from the 2004 production
(courtesy of Beer Sheba Theater)
(4:42 min.)

Alei Kinor -
Beer Sheba 2007
Alei Kinor - Beer Sheba 2007
The Eshkol-School choir from Beer Sheba (conducted by Yulia Balla) return to the original version with piano: the children start with exercises relating to the first song of the musical, then sing part of this song (it deals with composers and musical terms)
(0:52 min.)

Alei Kinor -
Petah Tikva
A selection from the 2011 production – performance and rehearsals
(12:00 min.)

Alei Kinor -
Beer Sheba 2015
The Eshkol School Choir from Beer Sheba, conducted by Yulia Balla, performs the complete musical;
May 31, 2015
(30:08 min.)


The young boy, Zemale, Shalom Aleichem's hero from the Jewish shtetl, dreams of studying music. He comes up against the adult world, the humiliations of matchmaking, the ridicule which is the lot of the hungry klezmer musicians…The child has nightmares, but in the end, music triumphs.
The musical "Alei Kinor" was first produced in 1975 by the youthful Beer Sheba Theater directed by Hanan Snir, with Doron Tavori in the role of Zemale. In 1989 Snir once more directed the musical for Tel Aviv's Habima Theater.

Director Rafi Niv who was a child when the Beer Sheba Theatre was starting up, remembered the musical's enchantment fondly and directed it in his own version in Beer Sheba in 2004. This entire production was filmed as a video.

Since 2005 many Israeli children choirs started to perform the musical intensively.

Since the love for this musical burst within the Israeli education system, it started to feature in school productions across the country. One of the peaks of this trend is reflected in the fully staged production initiated by the Hess Elementary School in Petah Tikva, Israel (13.6.2011). The version they created there can be viewed as a prototype for the musical in its educational format.

Tsippi Fleischer's music in the style of the musical provides rare evidence of her talent in this field.