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The Animals' Wish

The Animals' Wish
Excerpts from the 2012 productions in Beer-Sheba (Israel) and Mnster (Germany)
(25:00 min.)
"The Animals' Wish", a musical stage-work for chamber ensemble, is meant to awaken the children's desire for freedom through movement and pantomime. The Suite's 5 sections reflect the movement of five animals in their habitat the bird, the fish, the bee, the gazelle, the camel. In the recording the composer added a narration of her short text in Hebrew and Arabic which forms an integral part of the work. The film presents activities which took place in April-May 2012, as an initial break-through towards realizing the ideal that the work aims to teach workshops for Jewish and Bedouin Kindergarten teachers at the Kaye Academic College, Beer-Sheba (Israel); a stage premiere with education students at the Musik-Elementar Department in the Musikhochschule Mnster (Germany); and a workshop with children in this city.