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Hexaptychon - The Six Short Chamber Pieces
(in a concise version)
(4:48 min.)

"Hexaptychon" is made up of six pieces (different orchestrations of the same melodic theme). The six pieces are linked to a line composed to the words of the Arab poet Jabra Ibrahim Jabra. The beginning of each piece is presented in the short film.

The work was performed in full at the event celebrating the Prize for Lifetime Achievement at the Felicia Blumental Center, Tel Aviv.
Contents of the film:
Piece No. 1 - a cappella chorus (Bnei Hakibbutzim) 0:43 >
Piece No. 2 - contralto (Etty Ben-Zaken) with small baroque ensemble 0:49 >
Piece No. 3 - string quartet (Israel Contemporary Quartet) 0:44 >
Piece No. 4 - string quartet and harp (Israel Contemporary Quartet with Julia Sverdlov) 0:39 >
Piece No. 5 - solo harp (Julia Sverdlov) 1:04 >
Piece No. 6 - piano 4 hands (Duo 4: Bart Berman and Meir Wiesel) 0:51

A number of short films of the event are , as follows:
  • Greetings (Avigail Arnheim) and explanations of the work (21:00 min.), by the composer, Prof. Yehoash Hirshberg and Dr. Meir Wiesel; congratulations on the ACUM Prize for Lifetime Achievement.
  • The "Six Short Chamber Pieces" in full (31:00 min.).
  • Rehearsals of the choir (5:40 min.) and of the piano duet (2:00 min.) - one with two separate windows