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Victoria and the Men

Victoria and the Men
The Operatic scene in live performance
(world premiere)
Auditorium of the Israel Conservatory of Music (Stricker), Tel Aviv 21.5.2006
(7:30 min.)


with synopsis in English
(9:18 min.)
Based on Sami Michael's novel - Victoria lives in a conservative environment, men are cruel to her. Victory comes to her with the birth of her child - a son.
During the course of its composition, Tsippi Fleischer's opera "Victoria" underwent a number of metamorphoses.
The scene from the opera, "Victoria and the Men", was given its fully staged world premiere in the event to celebrate the composer's 60th birthday (Stricker Auditorium, 21.5.2006).

Conductor: Doron Salomon
Victoria: Ayelet Amots
Stage-director: Neta Amit-Moreau
Filming and Editing: Yaacov Aviram