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Celebrating the Prize for Lifetime Achievement - January 17, 2004

Event to mark the bestowing of the ACUM Prize for Lifetime Achievement
Tel Aviv, Felicia Blumental Center.
(2:32 min.)

A number of films on the event are :
  • Greetings (Avigail Arnheim) and explanations of the work given by the composer, Prof. Jehoash Hirshberg and Dr. Meir Wiesel (21:00 min.).
  • "Hexaptychon" - the six chamber pieces in full
    (31.00 min.).
  • "Hexaptychon" - rehearsals of the choir and the piano duet (7:40 min.)
    The celebratory event with words of greeting and explanations about "Hexaptychon", performed here in full. The beginning of the event is shown.