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A Girl Named Limonad

A Girl Named Limonad - a report
Tsippi Fleischer talks about the work she composed in the Druze village, Daliat El Carmel.
Filmed in 1981.
(1:40 min.)
A Girl Named Limonad - a ballet
Lia Schubert created the choreography based on the work for two dancers who danced in Daliat El Carmel in 1981.
(5:50 min.)
A Girl Named Limonad - USA 1995
The Los Angeles Jewish Symphony is conducted by Noreen Green. An interview on American television is added.
December 3, 1995.
(1:13 min.)

A Girl Named Limonad - USA 2007
Noreen Green (The Los Angeles Jewish Symphony) conducts this brillant performance of the piece, from which we hear the orchestrated Abd-el-Wahab's motive, the entrance of the Viola's lament after Limonad's Death; this leads to the heroic funeral march serving as the Finale.
July 15, 2007.
(04:31 min.)

Tsippi Fleischer's first composition for the concert hall (1977) was inspired by the work of a Lebanese poet.
The girl Limonad is torn between East and West; she dies heroically.
The work has been performed in Israel, Germany and the USA.