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Girl Butterfly Girl

Girl Butterfly Girl - the work bursts onto the scene
The work bursts onto the Israeli scene. Tsippi Fleischer works with Arab and Jewish artists during the 80's.
(7:09 min.)

Girl Butterfly Girl - USA
The work takes off internationally: it is performed in a concert in the heart of New York City (Merkin Hall) both by Isabelle Ganz and the "Shira" Choir. An interview on American television is included.
New York, an excerpt from the concert, 26.2.1989.
(2:40 min.)

Girl Butterfly Girl - learning the song-cycle
Tsippi Fleischer contributes to co-existence: Arab and Jewish children learning "Girl Butterfly Girl".
Filmed in the Music Conservatory of Ma'alot-Tarshikha, 23.11.2004.
(2:18 min.)
As Language of the Stones (2018)
A video art created by the artist Dorit Feldman (1956-2020), inspired by the first song of the Song Cycle "Girl Butterfly Girl". Each word of Fuad Rifka's poem received a magnificent visual treatment - sand, cavern filled with light, melancholic stars... all were interwoven into her own world, and the name of the work "As Language of the Stones" reflects that. Dorit used footage from performance versions, Opus 4, in French, Arabic and Hebrew. The texts were inserted to the running video in the language sung at that moment. The font of the Arabic, Dorit chose, is especially conspicuous and merges with the image of the stones.
Tsippi "Girl Butterfly Girl" is Tsippi Fleischer's most-performed work. The texts are by Lebanese and Syrian poets; it follows that the original version of the song-cycle is in Arabic. The work has been performed throughout the world in numerous versions in many different languages and ensembles.