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  • Play1 Zmira Lutzky interviews the composer, who has been awarded the ACUM Lifetime Achievement Prize
    IBA Voice of Music, April 24 2003; in Hebrew 51:19 min.

    The 50-minute program also includes extracts from Fleischer’s compositions, and from the repertoire of an Israeli rock band with whom she was in contact at the time in the context of her research on Israeli song.

  • Play2 An interview on Radio Frankfurt (in German) in preparation for the Köln production of Medea | July 7, 2003 05:58 min.

    The international ‘Frau und Musik’ archive in Frankfurt, which serves as a kind of home base for Tsippi Fleischer, hosted a variety of events in preparation for the German premiere of Medea at Oper Köln, which took place in April 2004. In this radiophonic interview, the composer explains the unique conception of the Medea myth in her opera, and the variety of sung languages employed in it. The interview editors have chosen to begin and end the segment with the premiere recording of The Clock Wants to Sleep, sung by the Neve Shir choir conducted by Nathan Margalit.

  • Play3 Interview with Rica Bar Sela, following the Oper Köln production of Medea and the Czech recording of Symphony No. 5
    IBA Voice of Music, 6 June 2004; in Hebrew 16:36 min.

    Includes excerpts from performances of Medea, the Fifth Symphony and Saga Portrait; see also the albums Medea, Symphonies I – V and Lieder.

  • Play4 Interview with Zmira Lutzky, preparing for the launch of the CD Girl Butterfly Girl – A World Journey
    IBA Voice of Music, February 24, 2005; in Hebrew 39:00 min.

    A breath-taking interview, in which Zmira Lutzky surveys the album Girl Butterfly Girl – A World Journey, noting both the various versions and performances and the lavish bilingual booklet, containing detailed research and analyses.

  • Play5 Interview with Rica Bar Sela towards the premiere live performance of Symphony No. 5
    IBA Voice of Music, January 15, 2006; in Hebrew 25:43 min.

    In preparation for the Fifth Symphony’s premiere performance, with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra IBA conducted by Rebecca Miller (January 18, 2006; Lieder, Disc 1, track 8) – the composer explains the work’s background, including her work with the shofar players (see also this documentary video), and the work’s connection – through the appearance of Israeli rock singer Shalom Hanoch – with her research on Hebrew song and her seminal book on song harmonisation.

  • Play6 Zmira Lutzky interviews Tsippi Fleischer, in anticipation of events celebrating her 60th birthday | IBA Voice of Music, May 18, 2006 55:37 min.

    The interview allows listeners to experience Tsippi’s decades of creative activity, in preparation for events celebrating her 60th birthday; see also the relevant page in this website’s World Activity section.

  • Play7 Conversation with Rica Bar Sela towards the live premiere of Symphony No. 4 in Beer Sheba, at the 2007 Israeli Music Celebration | IBA Voice of Music, 16 September, 2007; in Hebrew 12:47 min.

    The composer describes the work’s structure and texture, including the asymmetrical skeletal line which forms the work’s backbone, part of which is played by Hadas Fabrikant. The variety created by the two ethnic players’ improvisations can be sensed through a comparison between the work’s premiere recording and the 2007 live performance (file no. 18 in this Retrospective Collection's Works section).

  • Play8 The Judgement of Solomon – a conversation with Rica Bar Sela following the publication of the educational kit
    IBA Voice of Music, August 3, 2008; in Hebrew 16:21 min.

    This phone conversation took place shortly after the publication of the educational kit The Judgment of Solomon: An Interdisciplinary Approach to a Biblical Story. Thank to Rica Bar Sela’s curiosity, the composer relates to us the full story behind the creation of her operatic scene The Judgement of Solomon, as part of a series of multimedia works based on ancient texts, and how this became the basis for a large-scale educational project. The performers include then-baritone – now conductor – Dan Ettinger. The complete work appears on the CD Ethnic Silhouettes; the video-art version can be viewed here.

  • Play9 Conversation with Zmira Lutzky towards the launch of the double CD Lieder | IBA Voice of Music, December 3, 2009 1:03:00 h.

    Zmira Lutzky leads a festive conversation about the double album Lieder, which documents over a decade’s worth of recordings, allowing Tsippi to provide detailed accounts of the works’ back-stories.

  • Play10 Zmira Lutzky interviews Tsippi Fleischer for the launch of her CD
    The Box of Late Opuses
    | IBA Voice of Music, March 21, 2013; in Hebrew 1:03:29 h.

    This conversation leads us through the disc, introducing each work.

  • Play11 Interview with Zmira Lutzky, introducing a screening of the opera Adapa at the Tikotin Museum in Haifa | November 3, 2016; in Hebrew 22:31 min.

    In this interview, Zmira Lutzky and Tsippi Fleischer continue an extended tradition of interviews, this time not on the radio but rather at a screening of the grand opera Adapa, as part of a series of premiere screenings. The interview introduces the new opera and also discusses Tsippi’s creative output as a whole, from Zmira’s point of view.